Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hello and welcome to the surf stoked Tuesday report! This is your roving reporter Jeremiah “Chewy” with all the action even though I’m typing with noodle arms! The waves were overhead and the wind stayed offshore so we were stoked! Check it out!

Here’s a fun looking right just lining up for Jason. He was ready for this one for sure!

Here is Jeff eyeing down this section.  Get ready to pull in to the tube!!!

This guy was just spanking waves like they were red headed stepchildren! Here is Cayden with a backside man fan right on the lip!

This is what I like to see! here is Mike styling into this backside tube! Get it!!!! 

Dave, careful bottom turning into this warble of a section! That thing looks mutant!

Jairo this view looks sick! That fan looks perfect! Looks like Joe had a great time today, the waves were cooperating for sure!

Here’s Tom Eberly cutting back into a fun one! I hope I can surf that good when I’m your age!

Sean was out there today. This wave looks so fun, just lining up for him!

Check out this sequence! This wave went forever!

Yes, it keeps going… Where was I when this wave came through!

Cliff just took the top off this one! Great job guys! Alright that's it for today! The waves are supposed to stick around for a while, so I have to get my beauty sleep! We'll see you tomorrow!