Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, June 23, 2011

We are back with another report straight from the beach this Thursday morning!  The waves today dropped off from yesterday, still great conditions with offshore winds all day long!  Check out the lineup.

The crowds were on and off out here today.  This lucky man was able to nab of the bigger sets of the morning!

Offshore winds with a sweet swell in the water... Sounds like another day of barrels!  Unknown surfer with an easy tube section.

This man was catching waves all over the place.  Working this one to the inside with a big hit at the end!

Micheal was out here on his single fin getting some of the stand out sets.  Here he his setting up for what's ahead of him!

A nice hollow section to pull into.  Mike said that the go pro on the front of his board had run out of juice just before this wave!

We had some international surfers in the lineup today.  One of the many guys from Brazil with a nice frontside pit!

Every now and then you could find some time out of the barrel to rip a big turn!  Unknown slamming his brakes on this frontside hack!

Lester was out there surfing his homebreak.  Pulling in on this righthand dainer with room to breathe!

After coming out of these tubes, you still have a ton of leftover speed.  This man knew just what to do with it.!

Same guy from the previous photo.  He got a nice tube on this little wave and then blasted an air on the inside!

The rights were walled up perfectly on some sets!  Here's another surfer ripping a big top turn with plenty of wave left to surf.

Beautiful wave with a sick tube on it!  That's all for today people.  We will still have a decent swell around for tomorrow.  We'll be bringin' you more action right to your computer!  This is Eric and I'm out!  Take it easy!