Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 23, 2011

What's up party people?  It is Lucha Libre here bringing you some of the action we had at the beach this morning.  The waves were fun, running about chest to head high on sets with super light offshore winds, the water was nice and the crowd was light as well.  Check it out!!!

There were mostly gringos out there this morning, taking advantage while the locals rest.  Check out this unknown surfer picking up a nice sized left hander.

There were some experienced surfers, showing the young ones how is done.  Stylish and relaxed!

Manuel "La Bellota" Cascante was the only local surfer out this monring.  He was giving some extra work to his fins.  Here he is digging his tail with a deep bottom turn on the flats!

Meanwhile Manuel was going to the bottom, this guy was going to the top.  Taking the elevator to the highest level!

A few girls paddled out on their own and did great.  Here is caught this one just seconds from fun!

I am going to throw one last shot for today's report.  Please check back tomorrow!