Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At the beginning of 2011 NSR began working with a school that serves the community around our Tola office. School supplies were the number one request from the parents and teachers.  Government funding just barely covers teacher salaries and not much is left over for notebooks, pencils, rulers, erasers etc. As the season and the new school year began many of our guests have answered the call and crammed useful items into board bags and back packs that have made daily lessons that much more effective.

Chad, KC and John from Florida were here last week and in addition to doing other community service activities in between sessions they dropped off a few bags of supplies. Thanks, guys!

And just yesterday we had Jeff, Norm, Mike, Scott, Tony, and Michael in from LA also with a bunch of great supplies to help out the Santa Marta school. You guys killed it, thanks!

We send out a big thank you to everyone in the NSR community who has contributed various ways to service projects here in Nicaragua. It is great to part of such a generous group.

Lucha Libre got hired by a couple of cool guys from Brazil.  They were super stoked with all the killer photos Lucha took.

The winds hold on pretty good for the first couple of hours in the morning and we took advantage on that.  Adilson about to throw the lip off the back with his backside!

All these guys were ripping all over the place.  Lipe showing us what a good backside turn is!

This is Richard bottom turning a nice sized left hander.  These guys were surfing at Punta Mango last week and they said they had some sick waves up there but they do love Nicaragua better.

Marcus did his best out there and scored a few fun ones.  Here he is caught with a small but cool slash on this right.

On the last shot of this crew we have Bell going vertical with sweet style.  Lucha is going to shoot these guys for a few more days, so they are more than happy because they know that they are going to get some sweet photos.

The conditions were not the best today, the wind was light onshore early in the morning and then got quite strong.  This beast came in the middle of nowhere and always the best one rolled in with no takers.

We had many good surfers out there this morning, and that always help to get good pics when the conditions do not cooperate.  Check out this ripper throwing buckets on this turn!

Nathan with his signature move.  His dad tooking surfing this morning but he was having so fun that he didn't notice when his father left and he had to get a ride with the Brazilian crew.  Can you guys believe it?  It is good to have friendly brazilians around, don't you think so Nathan?

One last turn, we mean one last shot to finish the report.  Please check back tomorrow.