Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hey hey.  Welcome to another daily report right from the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.  The waves were great today, the winds were super light and the ocean was calm as glass.  The crowd was thick in the early hours of the morning but thinned out plenty by the afternoon.  Plenty of waves coming through regardless.  Check it!

This guy dropped in completely under the lip.  He was getting barreled before he hit his feet!

We had a heavy rain last night, leading to some brown water today.  This unknown surfer pulled into a thick chocolate milk tube!

Though there were both rights and lefts today, the rights seemed to be more dominant.  Ripper man smacking the top off of this one!

This guy found himself a little spot where the water still looked clean.  Setting up for the tube section in front of him!  As you can see, there were some good sized sets thumping on this sandbar today.

Same kid from the last photo.  This time throwing his tail out... Fins free is the way to be!

All this board needed was someone to stand on it!  Nice hollow section!

Soooo many right hand tubes coming through.  It was a regular-footers dream today.  This kid pulled into some good shacks!

On the end section of this wave, instead of pulling out, this man floated the last section.  He did a big air drop and landed it clean.  yewwwwww!

Finally a left! An empty one at that.  Thanks for checkin' us out, that's all the action for today's report.  We'll be here tomorrow with more photos of some killer waves!  Until then, stay suave.  This is Eric and I am out!