Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The waves are pumping in front of the NSR Beach House. It's overhead on sets with light offshores...again. The Ponce Inlet crew is staying there so they've been on it all week. They hired Roberto again and got some more sick pics. This is the view from the porch. Hmmmmm, should I go out yet? Jantana says "yes".

First off, we'd like to welcome Riley to the house. He arrived a day late compared to the others, but as far as he is concerned, it was right on time.

Bobby showed up big today and was tearing up the rights. Here's a nice tuberide that Roberto caught.

"Johnny Six Toes" was flying all over the place today. (Sounds like a good Sopranos nick name to me)

Larry was also taking advantage of the swell today. He was out forever. I lost count after 4 hours of water time.

Check out the view down the beach. So many of these were coming through there was no way to catch them all.

When he wasn't flying around, Johnny was getting long barrels. Here's one.

Whoa! This doesn't happen often, but if there is ever a possibility, you can count on Roberto to find a chick at Colorado.

Check out Lester - coming off the top on his Spaceship Megalodon.

Of course, the usual suspects were out as well. This is Mr. Brown in the barrel...again.

This is another local - Chapin from Giants Foot - throwing down.

Ahhhhhhhhh, what a day. After 100 waves and over 500 photos Johnny says "I think I'll have a beer". A surf trip doesn't get much better than this - at least until tomorrow. Check back then.