Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, May 09, 2011

Que pasa amigos?  This is Lucha Libre Garcia posting a couple shots from down south.  The waves were small but pretty fun this morning.  It was running about waist to chest high on sets, with nice offshore winds and the lineup was not busy at all.  Check it out!!!

Bunch of local kids made it out and they were shredding all over the place.  Gainer “La Ranita” Puntudita with a cool backside snap.

Rex “La Bestia” Calderon destroyed every single wave he caught.  Check him out attacking the lip of this nice right hander.

The locals were busting each other, and here is the proof.  We have to say that they had a good time, racing each other but no bothering anybody else!

A few international friends paddled out and they were able to score some nice ones as well.  How about this girl picking up a nice form right.

Larry “Carita de Venado” Davila with a speedy floater on this closed out section.  These guys are starting to practice hard every day because the 2011 surf circuit is coming soon.

Alrigth folks, that’s all for today.  Please make sure to check us back tomorrow!

That's not all folks..  This is Eric throwin' up some shots from a spot farther up north.  We had similar conditions, chest high and clean.  Here's an unridden peak coming through with nobody in sight!

Our main man D-Lite paddled out and threw down a big hack on this left.  That's some Florida roots laying it down like that on waves this small.

Chris unleashed a ton of speed on the end section of this wave.  Throwing up some spray on this layback!

For our last post from up here we have an unknown local kid with a good one all to himself.  That's all for now.  Check back tomorrow for more action straight from the beach!  Adios