Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, May 09, 2009

Hey everybody, this is the interns bringing you the Saturday surf report. Today we had the annual surf contest at Maderas. It was a really fun day with a lot of competition and action at the beach. Sobe sponsored the contest and they were promoting their new Adrenaline energy drink,so everyone on the beach was bursting with energy. We were also stoked that there was actually some fun waves rolling through. Check out what was happening!

Here is what the beach looked like early before it started blowing up with people. It was cool to have everyone at our home break today. People traveled from Limon, Popoyo, Astillero, La Boquita and San Jan Del Sur all to be a part of the scene.

The junior division was going crazy today. This is Capuyo on a fun right. He was shredding like a seasoned vet today. Here he goes showing everyone how good the young talent is here in Nica!

Obviously, Rex “La Bestia” was just killing it today. He is the current National Champion and with maneuvers like this he has a very good chance of claiming the contest. We are really proud that one of the best surfers out there is from out own town of San Juan del Sur.

Mario “El Danino” was out there representing the Santana beach crew. You wouldn’t think the wave at Maderas would scare him, by the looks of his face he seems skittish.

We had all the crews out in force from all parts of Nicaragua. It was a huge turn out for the contest. The first shot is of our crew from San Juan. The next is a bunch of the boys representing Limon. Then we had to put a shot of the gorgeous interns Chewy and Mateo Guineo. Last we got Armando "Codo" with his Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas shot!

These shots are for all the boys out there to show you what you’re missing out on here in Nicaragua. The first is of the Adrenaline girls who were passing out free energy drinks all day. Then we got some beautiful local ladies who were selling Flor de Cana on the beach... thank God! The next is our friend Abril with her new boyfriend. Dont you wish you were that little green bird? Finally we want to show you some of the international girls that came out to support the surfers.

All of the interns did well in their heats! Here’s D-lite with the man fan, showin’ all the chillrens how it’s done!

NSR wants to give a big shout to one of our biggest fans! We know Shaggy is super stoked to be on the site. Sick shot Come Pan!

Here’s the Godfather, Pancho Sanchez with the family, comin’ out to support all the surfers.

Jairo nearly took a fin to the head to get this sick shot of Armando “Codo” Lopez pulling into this sick barrel! Be sure to check in tomorrow we will have the results and more great pictures. North Florida out!!!!