Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, May 09, 2008

Welcome to the Friday surf report. You have Jairo"Come Pan" and "Taco de Pescado" bringing the good news. We had some pretty fun waves coming in at Maderas today. It was overhead, offshore wind, and warm water. The swell is starting to show, so the next few days should be pretty interesting. Check it out!

The up and coming D-Lite was out there again today. Here he is flying across one of his many lefts.

As you can see, the waves were looking really fun. There were a lot of unridden lefts coming in just like this one.

This is my little brother, Gerson "Boteta" Ramos, snagging a good right. I was so excited to see him out there getting some fun waves.

Here is Rex "La Bestia" Calderon coming strong off the bottom about to annihilate the lip.

The rider on the blue board did not want to share this wave, so he decided to throw our friend Larry "Carita de Venado" out the back of this wave!

This is Ricardo "Kelly" Slater taking a good left coming pretty close to the rocks at Machete Pt. "Kelly" is very excited to have just opened his new restaurant, "Il Mattarello", in San Jaun del Sur. We know from experience, that food at his restaurant is incredably good. 

"Carita de Vanado" was excited to be out there getting some fun waves. Here he making a pretty nice fan for the camera. 

With the last shot of the day we have an unknown rider taking one of the better lefts. Maderas was eating up the swell today, we are stoked to see whats going to happen tomorrow! Stay tuned!