Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What's up everyone!  Eric and Lucha here with your Tuesday morning surf report.  The waves were great for how small they were today.  Chest high with nice offshore winds and the water felt perfect.  We went to one of our favorite spots up north to catch the action.  Check it!

This is one of NSR's brand new rental condos.  Three bedroom, two bath, full kitchen....Plus, it's right on the beach in front of a sweeeet beachbreak.  Just think, this could be your room and you could check the waves without leaving your bed! 

Lucha caught this guy trying to go vertical and hitting the lip frontside.  Fun looking wave huh?!

This is Darwin, a local ripper from this area.  He paddled out and was surfing very well.  As you can see with this BIG frontside air!

There were some good tubes storming through as well.  This guy found one, here he is escaping the sun for a moment!

Here's an unknown shredder with a sick backside slash.  Setting up for his next turn while water from his last is still flying high.

Whaaat!  Talk about a sick layback!  Another unknown surfer laying it down with style and power.

All those guys in the foreground are fishermen.  There are a ton of sardines in this area and these guys take advantage of the good fishing while it lasts.  Not a bad wave either!

Later on this morning, we went and checked another beach to the south.  Waves were about the same size.  This kid blasted a big backside 360 right when we pulled up.

The last shot of the day goes to this unknown surfer with a sick frontside turn.  That's all for today,   The waves should be about the same tomorrow...  We'll be out there getting shots so be sure and check back for another daily surf report.  This is Eric and Lucha singing off!