Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, May 08, 2011

What is up everybody!  This is Eric with a late report for this Sunday evening.  The waves here were small today so we took out the reef sandal raft to see who could nab the biggest wave on it.  Even though the conditions were small, we went out and had a good time on the beach!

It was mainly a D-Lite vs. Carl competition.  Here is D-Lite going for his first wave..  It wasn't as easy as it looks!

The local groms were all hangin' down at the beach.. They decided to beat up Riley and drag him into the water.  Three on one isn't fair guys!

There were only a couple of guys out catching some waves.  It was still fun conditions, chest high and clean.  This man was getting some good ones!

While Carlos Caliente was struggling to paddle out on the sandal, this boogie man was nabbing himself some good waves.  Carlos, getting worked in the white water!

Carlos tried to drop in on a good one.  He ended up getting himself the wipeout of the session award.

There was a killer sunset as the day came to an end.  A great spot to chill out and relax!

Everybody had a good time and left the beach with a smile.  Unfortunately, the float didn't look so good in the aftermath!  We'll be here tomorrow with a true surf report.  Thanks for checkin' us out here at NSR..  Keep it real everbody!

Before we go, we wanted to post a couple of shots of the NSR team who managed to find a little wave this morning.  This is Eric, sporting the Mohawk and coming off the top on this one.

This is D-Lite, looking focused and coming around for the roundy.  Special thanks to our friend Mike at Nicawaves for sending these in.  It's always nice to get surf pics in you inbox!