Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, April 23, 2011

As we supposed, Saturday got pretty busy and we have thousands of people washed out on the beach.  It was pretty amazing to see people from all over the country and some internationals having a good time in town.

People camping on the side of the roads, basketball parks, on the beach, pretty much everywhere that can fit.  It is very busy but not quite as years before.

The summer party (Easter Season) bring down lots of beautiful chicks.  These lined up for Lucha Libre to get the cover shot.  Who said we do not have cute girls down here?

As always, it is not all about happiness.  There are good things and bad things and that’s why you have to be very careful of.  This guys was surprised by the Police, he was trying to sale thing that are not allowed.  It is good the police is there to avoid these kind of things!

Every year we have a volleyball professional beach contest and this year many more contestants came down to be part of this event.  Here is some of the action we had down there.

Alright folks, this was Lucha with a quick update of what we are living in San Juan del Sur.  One last shot to keep you tuned until the boys post a couple pics from up north.  CLARO que tienes mas mamasita!!!

While Lucha was holding it down in SJDS, we went out to the beach to get some waves!  Sets were coming in strong, head high plus with nice offshore winds.  The crowd was super light this morning so there were a bunch of empty gems storming through!

Pancho was out there pulling into some good waves.  Here he is going backside and it looks as though he could pull off the no handed backside shack!

Kenan was getting a surf lesson on the inside this morning. Lookin' stylish little man!

After a good surf lesson, it seemed the thing to do was relax in the tide pool. Ahhhh.... is it too early for a tona?

Any takers?  There were plenty of waves this morning and some of them looked pretty epic!

The wind started to pick up a bit in the later morning.  Bubby was out there getting some fun ones!  Looking for a section to destroy.

It seemed like the rights were the dominant way to go today..  There was definitely the occasional left also.

Whoa!  This wave looked fast but it was makeable!  Too bad nobody is in that thing!   That's all for today everyone.  The swell is on the rise!  Have a good Easter weekend..or.. feliz semana santa!  Thanks for checking us out, we'll be back tomorrow. Take it easy!