Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We've got Come Pan with the surf report for today from out here at Maderas.  It's a beautiful day to spend the day on the beach having fun with your friends.  It's running about waist to chest high on sets, the wind is offshore and the water warmed up a little bit.

Carlos Caliente took the big panga out today and was having a great time out there.  Here he is showing us his skills on the big board.  Does anybody knows where La Panga is?

Here is Oswaldo "El Paisa Raton" Mosquito trying to make a cut back on a little one.  This guy is more tham happy right now because he's sharing every single day with her girlfriend Brooklin.

Here is Katalina "La Mopita" riding a sweet right.  This chick is ready to participate this weekend in the contest at Las Penitas.  Wacth out girls, now you have another girl trying to be the number one.

Here is Osama's little brother having a good time on the beach at Maderas today.  This is the first time these guys watch a sick sun set down here in Nicaragua.  It's tona time!!!

We were talking about this sick sunset, come down to nicaragua and feel it by your self.  Please check back with us tomorrow.

This just in from Tola - The water has warmed up and that has brought in the fish.  "The ocean was alive today" exclaimed Pancho Sanchez who went spearfishing for over 3 hours.  There were sightings of large Pargo (Red Snapper), Urel, Mackerel, Roosters and just about every other type of fish we have here.  Here he is posing with the girls and showing off a nice Gallo and Loro.