Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hi folks, we’ve got Roberto “Lucha Libre” Garcia bringing you the Thursday surf report.  The NSR family was so excited with the new swell so we woke up super early and decided to hire a boat to explore around.  We went to check out a spot that does not work very often “LA LENGUA” but today we found some fun ones.  It was solid over head on sets with offshore winds but it was overcast all day long.  Check it out!!!

Our very good friend Randy “El Bambino” made the trip with us and was so stoked to surf some new spots.  Here he is taking a small but sweet left just to get the feeling of this new wave.

We keep looking around and found this other spot.  There were some sick waves coming through all day long and we were taking advantage of the empty lineup.  Check out this empty one rolling all the way in to the beach.  This wave was easily double over head, don’t you think so?

The day was overcast making it tough for photos but we were able to catch some good ones.  This is our very own Pancho Sanchez dropping into a nice sizable wave.

Carlitos Caliente was so stoked to ride some big waves today.  Check him out bottom turning this sick left hander.  Hey Carlitos, maybe tomorrow you can get some big barrels as well.

Meanwhile part of the NSR family was exploring around somewhere in the ocean, I was able to drive up north to check out some waves in this area.  It was pretty much disorganized but there were still some killer waves to be had.  Check out this empty wave with no takers.

I checked out a few spots up north today and almost nobody was out.  Here we have killer wave tubing by itself.  What a shame!!!

Mr Brown made it out to the beach expecting to get some barrels but it looks like today wasn’t his day.  After more than 10 minutes on the beach looking for the best spot to paddle out he finally took off on one of the better set waves of the day, check out the skinny about to be eaten.  Unfortunately the winds blow up a he got some water on his eyes making a big mess on his take off.  Here he is doing the best to take the wave of the day.

And here is the skinny guy just seconds after he got pounded on that thing.  Sorry my friend!!!

Armando “El Codo” Lopez wanted to take the risk to break his board as well, so he paddled out into this left because he wanted to get super shack.  After more than 30 minutes out there he paddled in because he was afraid to get hurt and didn’t take any wave.  A bus can get shacked on that wave. Que cojones!!!

There were some thick and heavy waves coming through.  Here I caught a nice shot of Chapin from Playa Gigante taking a gigante wave.  Just think about get hit by that thing right on your head.  No thanks!!!

We always have some amazing wipe outs when there is a good a good swell in the water.  Check out this unknown surfer going over the falls with a sweet style.   Auchhhh!!!

You really had to be patient out there to score a few barrels.  Check out this sequence of JJ showing us how to do it on days like today.  Shot 1.

Shot 2, dropping in.

Shot 3, waiting for the right moment to get into that thing.

Shot 4, about to get covered.

Shot 5, setting up.

Shot 6, behind the curtain.

Shot 7, totally disappeared.

Shot 8, is he going to make it out of that thing?

Shot 9, spit included!!!

Shot 10, nice one buddy.

Later on, we keep looking for cleaner spots to surf and we decided to check some reef points.  There were some sick waves coming in out there but it was very inconsistent and a little bit windy.  Here is this cool shot from the hills just to let you know how big it was, this photo was taken almost 2 km from the beach.  Would you like to get a few waves out there?

This was the scene when we got there, windy and huge currents all over the place.  Codo and Chulin tried to make it out but they got washed out by one of the bigger sets.  Hey Oliver, check out what you are missing buddy!!!

There were some waves in the inside part of the reef as well but nobody was out either.  Where is everybody when we have some mini bumps coming in?

Alright folks, that’s all for today but check back with us tomorrow because we are going to get on this boat to look for more waves.  This boat stopped by the bay at SanJuan del Sur "The World" coming from Bahamas it is a boat full equipment of condos where you can live with your family and spend the rest of your days in the water.