Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, April 24, 2011

What’s up folks?  This is Miguel Mora bringing you all the action that we had on the last day of Semana Santa down here in San Juan Del Sur.  Check out this photo was in the morning and we caught a lot of people enjoying of the last Semana Santa Day.

We walking around to the beach trying to catch some shots, and we found a few guys having a good time together.  Check out these guys dancing very hard for win a couple awards.  Good job chicos!

As we said before the all people was enjoying the last day of Semana Santa in the Morning. But later in the afternoon we don’t’ had too many people on the beach, the beach was a little empty, that because all people need work tomorrow.  Check out this photo.  What happening with the big party.

On this shot we have a lot of people working very hard disarming the big place where the Chaman was because they got back to Managua.  See you next time my friend.

The Semana Santa was very funny and calm,  we had a lot of people of different city with us.  These guys almost they are ready for got out to San Juan Del Sur.  Thank you for coming. One last shot to keep you tuned until the boys post a couple pics from up north.

Hello and Happy Easter to everyone out there in webland.  We got up early this morning and found some nice swell marching in.  The waves were running head high with some well overhead sets coming in.  The wind was perfect and the water was super clear.  I wanted to start the report with this perfect A-frame bomb. 

Oliver showed up at the beach today and after a long walk he started doing what he does best...Pulling into everything!

This is our local friend Lester, he thought he saw a fish while he was in the barrel so he went after it!

The marlboro man showed up to the beach this a.m.  Lookin' smooth Regan.

Oliver, pulling in on a big one!  The swell has been steadily increasing all day, looking solid for the next few days also!

Looking back down the other way there was another great wave coming through.  Looks super fun to me!

Oliver was finding tubes on every wave he caught.  Pigdogging on a sweet right!

Lots of empty waves today.  Maybe everyone was tired from the Saturday night festivities?  Thanks for tuning in with us for our surf report for this Easter Sunday!  We'll be back tomorrow with more action from the beach.  Enjoy your Easter!