Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hola primos and welcome back to the surf report with NSR! This is Parker bringing you today's shots of a fun southwest pulse and Rivas' big win last night. Check it out!!

Last night brought playful waves for everybody's pre breakfast session. It was consistently chest high with the chance of Robert August in the line up.

Meet Dave from Folly Beach. He hates it when people take photos of him so I need to put a few on today's report!

Yeww!! He knows how to throw it around. Maybe even more than his buddy Bryan??

Evan is also part of the Casa Cantamar crew. Who do you think threw a bigger spray?

After aggresively pumping down the line (and a bet about who nails the first perfect air), I was expecting bigger things on this corner. He told me that he's saving some for later and didn't want to hurt Dave's ego.

A handful of surfers were out enjoying their morning; however, the line up was spread out. As a result, shoulder high sets frequently rolled through untouched.

Unfortunately, today is Jonny's final day. On behalf of everybody in our community, we enjoyed our time together and wished you could stay longer! Safe travels bro and visit us soon!!

As some are leaving, others are returning (and turning). We want to welcome back the Springfield family and their Pops! Welcome back to our brutual winters of 85 degrees, offshore breezes, and sunshine every day!

Some ladies were out representing today. Keep making the dudes jealous of your waves!

One more for Dave! He's burning off all the mountains of fish they caught yesterday.

Hopefully the swell keeps coming so keep your fingers crossed! In the meantime, enjoy the goodies that we have.

Yesterday, the NSR staff took a field trip to game two of the LBNP championship. The Rivas Gigantes (left) hosted the Tiburones Orientales from Granada (right). Yes, ate a delicious shark dinner last night!

Pancho and Hace Queso invited Sean and Allison from New York to experience baseball NICA style. Thank you guys for joining us, blowing those obnoxious horns, and sharing your good vibes!

Norman and Alma brought their spouses. Silvana (left with Norman) is an avid baseball fan but Alvaro (right with Alma) was even more passionate! Gracias amigos por venir!!!

Christian, are you (or one of your pretty sisters) going to call me?

Nolan, Marvin, and Armando joined the festivities. This photo was taken right before Rivas hit a homerun and scored two other runners. We, along with every other fan, went crazy afterwards!!!

Look Mom, we're famous! Apparently Channel 13 news is starting another surf report for southern Nicaragua.

Yes we can Rivas!! Rivas won 8 - 4 and is currently 2 - 0 in the seven game series. Keep doing work amigos!! I appreciate y'all checking out today's action and go to the next baseball game! Adios amigos!!