Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hello my friends. This is your daily surf report. The wind will keep strong for the next months and the water is a little cold, is better use a heavy surfboard now. All day this point break is working good. Check it out.

My good friend Oliver Solis was the ripper out there. He was the National champion for long time, ten years ago and he keep one of the best.

The surfboard he is using right now have the name ( Bob sponge ). After half hour in the water this surfboard absorb too many water inside so is triple heavy.

A friend and one of the best photographer Bryan Scott is come back from the United State, I want to say Welcome bro to another good year in Nica Land.

No was a casualty, my friend Oliver always don't lose the chance to hook up with girls.

Katy was stoke after ride this wave, she was so happy, his surf level is growing after a week of surfing with Oliver, he is pushing her to drop the biggest waves.

The waves are good in the afternoon so all the NSR team is getting ready for the sunset surf session. I hope you have a good day of surf today too.

Armando Lopez is out. This is how look the inside of this point. We are in a mission. Go get little barrel. See you tomorrow.