Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the Wednesday NSR surf report. This is Parker filling you in on today's fun and playful action. Celebrate Humpday and keep scrolling down!

The rights were working very well thank you to a small WNW pulse. Here is El Buchon lining up to enjoy the benefits.

Loaded, locked, and heavily leaning on the inside rail... Yeww!!

If he practiced more yoga with the Papaya Wellness girls (Carly and India), he might have more luck navigating the tubitos. He's doing his best for this chest high nugget!

At least the spit escaped. The sandbar was in full effect this morning.

This unknown paddle boarded gobbled up a few gems. Despite the breezes and steep drops, he showed off his talent.

Left or right? Regardless, this drainer belongs in my 7th grade math book.

Well... If you chose left on the last one, you can choose right on this one!

We want to take a minute and make an annoucement to the locals. The Medical Brigade of eye doctors are coming to Tola from January 18th to 29th from 8am to 5pm. They will be working at the main high school called Gaspar Garcia Liviana. If you have any need to consult an eye doctor (check ups, infections, sun exposure), please utilize this free opportunity!!


Tenemos un anuncio para las personas locales. Hay una Brigada Medica llegando a Tola del 18 al 29 de enero desde las 08:00a.m a 5:00p.m. Ellos estaran atendiendo en la Escuela Gaspar Garcia Laviana. Si tu necesitas una consulta de un oftalmologo, o por alguna infeccion o quemadura de sol, por favor utiliza esta oportunidad completamente gratis.

I love Casa Blanca because it has a perfect pool and even better views. Although, I suppose the only better view is from inside the tube looking out at Casa Blanca. Reach out to NSR so we can book both amenities for you.

Early this morning, Casa Cantamar went fishing. Here are Bryan and Lexi getting ready to catch Megladon.

Normally, groups swim out to their fishing or surfing charter. However, when the waves are small, the captains show off their skills. Zack and Isaac will show you how it's done!

Ahh come on Zacarias!! Hop on and hold on bro!!

Annnddddd they're off! The Casa Cantamar gardener reported that they caught 3 large sized pargos. Those fish tacos will go great with some gallo pinto and a Tona, or three.

Ok ladies and gentlemen, while some people fish all morning, some of us need  to work. Thank you all for checking out the report today! Parker is signing off and hitching a ride to the Rivas baseball game... Go Gigantes!!!!