Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, January 15, 2016

Hello party people. We start another weekend with some waves. The offshore wind is amazing with blue water and warm. Is a sunny day here in Nicaragua. The high tide was early, so we check the low tide. This is the action of today.

Some places are flat, but we have a spot who work all year and receive swell of every direction. Check this right, katye is on!!!.

A lot of the people were surfing early, but there are some surfers in the water even in the low tide getting good waves. All of them were ripping.

The inside is working good in the low tide because is shallow and the wave have time to grow and have good energy for tricks. Here is a sequence of kevin Cortez keep checking.

Kevin was on fire today. He was landing the nine eight percent of every air 360*. Sometimes he was doing two in the same wave and landing both perfectly. WOWWWW.

The speed he have was !!!dope!!!. Only the camera can catch the movement.

Yeaaahhh!!! buddy...If you come to this place and see a surfer making this in the line up, you will know is Kevin Cortez.

Not there are too many amazing waves, but some times there are a wave with power and magic. For sure that waves were empty....

This spot multiplicate the size of the waves in the ocean. Normally is bigger two feet to three feet bigger than others surf spot.

Check some of the rippers in the water this morning. Here is Kevin in one nice turn.

Here is the little Michael in his powerful turn....He weight only twenty pounds so he never can throw too much water in the air. But this wave was over head for him and he ripping.

And here is a visitor making a turn too. Today all this surfer were taking every wave in the line up, going left or right and making some tricks.

Some of the left were soft, but this surfer were coming back many time in the wave for shape the waves until the inside and have better chance of run the wave for long.

The are differents way to run a wave. Depending how you hit the wave or how you ride the wave you can made the wave look good or destroying the wave in bad way.

The people how surf early use the low tide time for ride his bike on the beach. This beach is a miles long, so is good for a walk, horse back riding or bike stroll.

Kevin prefer to keep flying. Here is one of the nice air he made today.

I take photos of this guy for about two year and when i surf I always remember his moves. I am using some of his technique to improve my own surf skill.

This is what I want to do this year. A air with full rotation.

He surf every day like he is in a surf contest and he always realise multiples tricks in a wave. Just like me !!!! hahaha, not really.

Kevin cortez, Rex Calderon, Jackson Obando, Lester and his brother Oscar Espinoza are the air force of the surf in Nicaragua. I hope soon be part of this great group.

Kevin is sponsored for Sun Bum, Sticky bumps and everything finished in BUMM PPP!!. So, that mean he is a explosive surfer.

There are seven people in the water during the low tide. I think the waves will be good for the next tide in the afternoon, so be ready for another surf session.

The forecast say we have a flat day more and after a swell will come. So be tuned to see some of our amazing waves.

It is time to go home. The waves are coming constantly and the high tide is coming again. We are surfing every day this year wooooo hooooo. This place is blessing of God with good wind and waves every day, so we will keep enjoying that. Armando Lopez is out, good bye.