Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hey big boys, It is Lucha Libre with the Saturday update for our surf report.  The surf is still kinda small so we took advantage on that and had Ken with us to learn how to surf.  Check it out!!!

The lineup was not busy at all, we had about 3 or 4 guys out the whole time we where at the beach.  This is Ken and Codo doing a little bit of beach instruction.

Ken with a solid ride all the way in to the beach on his first day out.  He’s super stoked to be out the with Codo and I.

Don’t you believe us when we say stoked?  We saw his hands up many times and we were super happy as well.

Walter was one of the other guys that was out, having fun on his longboard.  Here he is working on his backside.

Take a nice fish out, was also a good choice.  Check out this unknown rider pigdoggin on a nice left down the beach.

It is always nice to see the locals happy and see huge smiles on their faces.  Hola Jodidoooooo!!!

Local ripper going big with a cool nose ride on this left.  Please check back tomorrow!