Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, January 04, 2013

Hey everyone, Brian here, bringing the report to you this Friday afternoon. Well there's not much happening on the beach here today as far as surfing goes. The waves were only coming in about knee to waist high out front and maybe a hair bigger down the beach, but hardly anyone out in the water surfing. Check it out!

Only a few people out taking advantage of the calm conditions, and swimming in the shorebreak. The water had a beautiful color to it today, almost looks like a swimming pool.

Perfect day to take a stroll along the beach and dip in the water.

Definitely some fun peaks coming in down the beach with no one around if you still haven't got in the water. Looks good enough for me.

A couple families hanging out front with the kids, charging on the boogies.

Goeorge was hiding out in the lineup all by himself and with the wave of the day.

Dropping in and setting up on a speedy little right.

Hold on to your hat George, that wind is gonna blow you right off your board!

I think he's going for the "dead cockroach" style. Well at least you were out there by yourself catching all the waves.

Empty waves waiting for the picking. That's it for today folks. Look for a little bump over the weekend so keep an eye on the water. Hasta manana amigos!