Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, January 04, 2011

What’s up folks?  This is Roberto Lucha Libre Garcia bringing you the Tuesday surf report.  It looks like this year is going to give us lot of waves because the year just started and we are already scoring many sick waves.  Yes friends, a sick swell just hit Nicaragua and we are more than happy because it’s been a little small the last couple of weeks but now we have our reward. It was over head on sets with nice offshore winds and the water was a chilly but nobody was worried about the water temperature.  Check it out!!!

There were waves breaking all over the place and we have to say that this time not many people made It out to the lineup.  That’s always happened when the waves are pumping.

Bunch of locals were able to paddle out and they were charging.  This is Juancito “La Mosca” racing down the line on a nice sized right at Machete Pt.

Augusto “La Gaviota’ Chamorro was one of the many locals that were out this afternoon, killing every single wave they caught.  Here he is busting a sick frontside aerial move.

A few International dudes took the risk and paddle out front at Machete Pt.  Check out this unknown pale rider drifting this nice looking left.

There were some sick mini bumps rolling in and nobody was in the right spot to catch them.  Actually this wave was one of the many clean up sets that came in this afternoon.

Danny “El Manchinche” was catching many small waves in the inside section at Machete Pt, the dangerous spot in the reef.  Check him out with a cool off the top on this little nugget.

I was able to climb a little bit and snapped a couple of cool shots from the hills.  Check out this nice shot of this dude having a blast on this right.

We had a couple of sick sets rolling in by Machete Pt.  This one came in all the way across from Machete to the beach break at Playa Maderas, it was a perfect wave and you only have to check out the line of that peeler to figure how sick it was.

Always when the waves are this big, all the beginners stay out of the water or stay in the white water.  That’s what happened today and here is this shot to prove it!

The sequence of the day goes to “La Baloy” Chamorro with a cool frontside maneuver.  Shot 1, digging a deep bottom turn!

Shot 2, getting ready to attack the lip!

Shot 3, right in the pocket!

Shot 4, is he going to pull this move off?

Shot 5, a little air drop to land the move!

Shot 6, yes or no?

Shot 7, yes he successfully landed it.

Alberto “El Gallito” Romano was surfing the left down the beach by himself.  Here he is with a cool snap.

It wasn’t all about surfing, got a nice pic with your chick always help to get a chance to paddle out later.  Come on dude, you gotta smile!!!

It was nice to see this girl charging out there.  We didn’t have the pleasure to meet her but we are very proud of her.

How about Coki with a sick and fast floater on this left.  He was ripping it up all over the place.

The last action shot of the day goes to Gainer “La Ranita” Granados busting a sick air.  The swell is supposed to stick around for the next days and we are planning to drive up north to score some barrels so stay tuned with us.