Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, January 04, 2008

News flash from Tola: The waves have been small recently, but the sardines are back and so are the Roosters. Mr. Brown, never one to shy away from a giant bait ball, reports "It was Mayhem out back today!". "We were watching big schools of fish and birds diving everywhere - I had to grab my gun and jump in!" Hey man, nice work. That fish is bigger than your girls!

Meanwhile, back in Limon...The Brown family has been organizing the "Old Clothes Recycling Program" for much of the year. Lots of friends and visitors were asked informally to bring down an extra bag of their old clothes. By the end of the year, the Browns had quite a collection on their hands. Well, they separated the clothes into bags and took them too the local school in Limon to give away. Says Mr. Brown "It was Mayhem in there!"

So if you notice that the folks in Limon are dressed a little nicer next time you are in town... Really though, this was a great way to help out some families in need with some basic necessities. There were over 100 people who received a bag full of clothes for their family. We've been informed that it will probably go down again next year - stay tuned for updates on NSR.

Alright folks, it's Lucha Libre getting back to the action. It looks like the waves are so happy because i'm back on the beach with my camera. It's chest to shoulder high on sets and the wind keeps howling offshore. I don't even have to tell you that the water is freaking cold and everybody is wearing clothes as we can. Check it out.

Carlos Caliente was right when he said that the swell was going to bump up a little but he didn't say that it was going to be so fun. Here is Larry "Carita de Venado" Davila getting into a nice left.

Here we have Edwin "El Tuzo" Morales after a long time out of the water on a nice looking right. It's so nice to meet everybody on the beach again, i enjoyed my vacations but i was missing so much to be at the beach again taking picture.

Today we have a beautiful day to spend it on the beach. It's a little bit windy but the weather feels so cool. Here is young Rex "La Bestia" Calderon shredding and so happy because "Balboa" is in town.

By the way, here is Roque "Balboa" Calderon taking off on a nice size left. Hey miami boy, somebody told me that you are going to get married pretty soon, is that truth? Don't forget to send us our invitation please!!!

There were some really good waves coming in today. Here are a couple of guys splitting a nice peak. Hey guys, check out what you guys missed today because you didn't want to wake up early and paddled out with the cold water.

Everybody think that we are the only ones that are feeling the cold water. No way, check out this little bait a found today going away from the freezer.

Even the dolphins wants to keep out of the cold water. Here a sweet shot i caught today at Machete pt, can you believe it? This is what i was missing to be at the beach, you never know what is going to happen and you can catch with your camera.

This is Jury "El Cerot" Salvatrucha on the best set wave of the day with a cool bottom turn. Actually i've never seem this guy riding a wave like this one but today he was the man, comgrats buddy!!!

How about Norwin "El Pecaminoso" Chulin getting in and under the lip on another good left. It's so good to know that everybody was having so much fun out there.

I want to say happy new year to everybody, this is the first surf report i post up this year but there will be many more "God Willing". Yes friends!!!

This is not today, last year we posted a couple of shot from this huge day but we didn't give the credit to the photograper who took the photos but there is always a moment to do the things right. We want to say thanks so much to Donald Stone from Popoyo for sharing this photos with our friend Oliver "El Jamon de Mono" Solis. Here is Oliver taking off on a sick one!!!

Here is one last shot took it by Donald Stone from Popoyo. Thanks buddy, you are more that welcome if you want to share some sick shots in the future.