Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 17, 2012

Hey everyone, Brian here with your Monday afternoon surf report. Still some fun surf coming in around waist to chest high and hardly anyone out. I guess everyone was out early to beat the midday heat from the sun. Semi-clean to clean conditions with gusty side-shore to offshore winds. Check it out!

These guys pulled up in a boat and were the only ones out on this side of the beach. The tide was still pretty low making the conditions shifty and closing out a bit. Every other waves seemed to have a corner on it though.

I couldn't tell if this guy had a board under his feet or he was walking on water.

The only girl out and she was catching more waves than the rest of her crew.

Yep, they're Nicaraguan surfing birds! Either that or there's a shark chasing them.

Looks like there might be a wave down the beach. Let's go check it out.

The waves on the other end seemed a little more organized but a bit smaller. It's not pipe, but it's better than if it was flat, and it has a view.

Looks like some newbies getting their feet wet.

Well, he's up. Let's hope he has a soft landing.

Well, that's it for today folks. Forecast looks promising for the next few days, so wax up your boards and get ready. Until then, adios amigos!