Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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The cost is $25/day or $125/week.  Boards are available in Tola and SJDS.

Hi folks, welcome to the Wednesday surf report. First at all we wanted to share this beautiful shot that Lucha Libre took the last weekend.  This is from the crater lake "Laguna de Apoyo" located just outside of Granada between Managua and San Juan Del Sur.  It's a great side trip to make when you are here visiting Nicaragua.  We hope you guys enjoy this one.

Today we took some really good friends to the beach.  They wanted to get the best surf lesson in town with the NSR Surf School.  We want to give a special shout out to our very own D-lite, Colleen Casanova, Nettie and Alex Harper.  They really had a fun day on the beach, they caught some good waves and they are so stoked with all the great photos that Jairo shot.

On the first surf shot we have Colleen with a solid stand up on this wave.  We met this girl a couple months ago and she really wanted to learn how to surf.  Today we made her dream a reality.

On the second shot we have Nettie taking off on a nice looking wave.  She said that this day was one of the best days she ever had at the beach and she would do it again.  She loves the water and she likes to surf as well.

Our third student learned pretty fast and was able to score some sick waves.  It looks like D-lite is doing a great job with the surf lessons.  Check out Alex having fun on one of the bigger set waves of the day.

Today Lucha and his family helped make a better Christmas for more than seventy underprivileged kids. He went to one of the communities just outside of town to donate food and Christmas gifts.  This is a great example of Nicaraguans helping Nicaraguans.  These kids were so stoked because they’ve never had a gift before and this year they are going to have something to play with.  Nice work Lucha!

Alright folks, the surfing conditions are supposed to be the same tomorrow so please check back with us.