Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 16, 2012

It is time to get into the giving spirit once again.  Last year's Christmas toy drive was such a success thanks to the generous donations of your our worldwide audience.  We are looking forward to helping make a difference in the lives of hundreds of the neediest children in the state of Rivas, Nicaragua. This year we will be looking at providing school supplies for the beginning of the school year along with toys in our gift packages. We hope you will be willing to participate once again to make this dream a reality.  Donations can be made in cash at the NSR Shop located in Hacienda Iguana or via Paypal to [email protected] Send us an email at the same address if you have any questions about the program.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Hey everyone, Brian here, bringing the report to you this Sunday afternoon. We still have some fun waves lingering around in the waist to chest high range and gusty offshore winds. Only a few lucky guys and some grommies out catching some waves. Check it out!

She may only be 5 years old, but ready to take on the big waves! Gotta start somewhere.

Surprisingly for the tide being super low, there were some nice left and right corners coming through. Rob sitting on the sideline watching this one go by.

This is what I meant by super low tide.

Low tide A-frames and not a crowd in site. Yes please!

Tony-Z managed to get down and get a few before the grommets stole all the waves from him.

Even though Tony had a bicycle to get down to the beach, Garret still beat him out in the lineup and was laughing all the way down the line on this sweet right.

I think there might be some bait in the water.

Local ripper Oscar, smacking the lip on a nice left-hander before leaving the leftovers to the gringos.

This one needs no description. Well it's about that time, "Tona time!" Hope everyone got in the water today, if not should be waves for the rest of the week. Hasta manana. Adios amigos.