Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hello and good day to the NSR universe! Our surf shop, office and general headquarters was undergoing a facelift these last couple days. Here is Carlos, Claudia and Alvin getting it done.

The chaos of re-painting not withstanding,we kept our doors open yesterday. Heather manning the patio station and welcoming customers with a smile.

Meanwhile Claudia held down the reassembled desk area inside the shop.

Alma and Codo lent a hand to the renovations as well. NSR is blessed with a great team who arrive every day with big smiles and a lot of energy.

Alvin is one of the newest members of the NSR team. His skills in all things maintenance and repairs have been invaluable. A big thanks to Sarah Lutchmansingh for guiding our shop renovation. Come on by and check out all the great changes.

Now on to your Wednesday surf report. The wind changed the direction too often and came sideshore in the afternoon. This wall come every ten minutes and put out everybody in the lineup, we can feel some waves are coming soon.

Went the wind is strong like today, is dangerous try the airs, but is a little easy throw a lot of water in the same direction of the wind.

The other way, going vrs the wind. Is another history. Check this surfer, quick accelerations.

He was full speed and make the turn in time.

The wind in that moment were like thirty miles per hours. Almost stop him.

With the power in this turn, this surfer probably throw three time the size in this spray. If the wind don't interfere.

Good execution of this trick, in this surf conditions, this is why he get the sequence.

Ok. tomorrow the best time to surf is in the morning, so wake up early and get the best. Armando Lopez is out.