Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, December 06, 2016

HI amigos!!!. After a soft rain last night we have a beautifull morning. The offshore wind was light and the waves are not big but are breaking perfect. The high tide was in the morning, so that was perfect mix for today. Check it out.

Every day the first surfer in the water is Jhon, He always have two surfboard in his truck. A longboard and a shortboard. How ever the waves are he deside what to ride. Today he was getting fun in short board.

Well there are a lot of people with the same name. Here is another Jhon Jhon in the longboard. The waves don't go overhead high but were four feet.

The ocean will turn windy and cold in the end of this month, so is nice to surf and see this blue water for a few more days. Enjoy until the condition exchange boys.

This is the right of everybody want to ride. This wave is working good for the last few days, have a little barrel section, but was more for turns or others tricks.

The locals were practicing the airs, because we will have a surf contest this weekend. Here is the Kevin with an air.

And a surfer from Panama is surfing the Nica waves with these guys. He was showing a good surf skill, check this air.

The people don't want to surf were going to fishing. Just go out the line up in the boat was a aventure.

When the waves have this size the locals destroying the waves. Here is the Kevin making around ten turns in this wave.

He start this wave very far and check, he is passing in front the camera. He ride about seventy meters this wave. And he still going....

Ok. We need to see if the waves still good for have a sunset surf session, so see you tomorrow primos!!!. Armando Lopez is out.