Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, December 06, 2015

Hello, happy weekend. This sunday the waves were small and the offshore wind was strong. This peak was the only one to have fun waves in the afternoon. Check it out.

There are two peaks working today. This one here was empty. Just the left was makeable.

There are some people in the line up, but just Kevin Cortez was taking the wave. Was hard to catch the waves with the wind, but the experience of this surfer was having result.

He was ripping this two feet waves. He is young, small and have a lot of energy, so was easy for him.

Some of the waves like the Kevin take, were strong enough for made some turns. Here is the second turn of he made in the same wave.

Some sets come occasionally. The people in the line up was out position almost all the time.

The floaters look good in this wind conditions. Here is Bo staying up in the lip of the wave.

Well. Not buddy in that left and was probably breaking good every seven minutes.

Because ,just Kevin was taking all the waves today, look like a special report for him. I decide to did a special photo for him.

The forecast say we will have the same condition for tomorrow. That mean to knee high to shoulder high with the offshore wind blowing at twenty miles per hour. If that is like today, so go surf in the afternoon when the tide is high. Have a good night and see you tomorrow in a new week. Armando Lopez is out.