Nicaragua Surf Report for Monday, December 05, 2016

Hello amigos. Thanks to be another week with us. Is too late in the year for we have onshore wind, but hopefully is the last time in this year. The waves were better in the morning. I was checking the low tide because I want to see barrels, but that no happend. There are a few good waves, but nothing special. Check it out.

The few waves with barrel were surprising the surfers, so they were pounding... This kind of waves were working sometimes, just two waves in the set.

I see this man riding this right overhead and I am sure he was in the barrel. even if we can see him was deep or not, check what happened.

To this moment there are a big explosion with a lot of foam. I thought, well the wave have good shape, so if he go out need to be now.

And he made out. I don't know if you can see him, but looks like he was excited, because he celebrate. In this moment he was screaming,,, AAAAAuuuurrrrrrhhhh!!!!, was weird but sound happy.

There are a lot of bad waves, but if you pick up one of the nice waves, you can still making a trick. Check this one.

Well, is just one cut, but in one day like this, this surfer made his day. We know the offshore wind come back to the normality tomorrow afternoon, so hopefully tomorrow will better.

This left was working more than any other wave. This is who look the medium size wave. A lot of the waves were closing up, but when you see a wave with this shape you need to go.

I don't know how surf very well in onshore wind waves, but I know a lot of you can destroy a wave with this shape. This surfer was the lucky one getting more of the perfect waves in the afternoon.

Ok. Amigos,,,....The worker from NSR are always cool. Here is Michael Jackson is greeting all of you. Armando Lopez is out.