Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 06, 2014

December have some good waves. These spot is good the last two hours before the high tide is complete. Lefts and rights are working good. Check it out.

The last days with warm water. Soon the cold water will come and the locals are enjoying this time.

Z gas was ripping and get the made the only tube today. The lines keep long because the wind is soft in the noon.

He almost drowns Lea with all the water he throws to her. "Big Z".

We have some waves overhead, check these solid five feet.

The sets come constantly with three waves per sets. No to many surfers in the line up. These waves are so perfect for tricks.

Check Chocoyo, he made like eight turns in these little wave.

Enough speed for long turn, in these time of the year this is our spot were we always have something to surf.

What more we can ask for?. Just the waves keep like that or a little better, but for now everyday is fun for us. Usually December have a big or monster swell every year, I hope there is one coming soon. Armando Lopez is out.