Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, December 03, 2021

TGIF! It is Friday and it is time to get some surf and sun time. Not much happening down on the South side of the beach so we headed North to the other end of the beach and found Panga doing it's thing.

This wave isn't as fast and doesn't pitch up steep like the other side of the beach but offers some more size and some fun waves during the off season.

The Doc was out shredding the gnar! You know what they say.. a wave a day keeps the Dr. stoked all the way.

We are hoping for a bit more swell to come and give us a notch up over the next week but for now we are happy to have offshore winds, waves, and warm weather.

Down the beach a bit there were some surf lessons happening and some successful students getting stoked.

Crank that thang! Yeah buddy!

Seth with some lip smacking good times

Travis enjoying this Nica trip with his family from San Diego and scoring these warm water waves all day.

Lucas is an everyday Beach Boy and here he is in his natural enviroment.. scoring waves and having a great time too!

Seth playing connect the wave on this one as he pumps through a flat section to get in the pocket of this little double up energy pushing in.

Hey look who's back from a little vacation and happy to jump back in the water after not having had surfed for a couple of weeks. Welcome home Grant!

Okay ya'll thank you for taking some time to come and join us in checking what is going on out there in the surf today! Tune in tomorrow for some more wave action and a moment of Zen brought to you by your fam here at SurfNSR. Cheers!