Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, December 03, 2020

Welcome back to the Emerald Coast of Nicaragua and one of the best stretches of beach around the world. Today there were some fun little waves out there and the weather is perfect, the water is still pretty warm, and the vibes are XXL. Come check us out.

Earlier in the morning there was a boat that came through and dropped off a handful of surfers, i went home to grab my camera but they were gone when I got back.. thankfully Kai is always down for a surf and was paddling out.

If you're new to the surf report Kai is one of the top level surfers here, if you're a regular to the report I'm sure you already know that. Today he had to bust out the small wave flow.

Somehow he found a little barrel on the takeoff and scored a quick cover. Too quick for the camera as I missed the moment :/ lol

Kai straight rippin' as per usual. Yeah dude thanks for giving me some good content for the report today!

Kai was the only guy out for a bit but of course when you make it look this fun there is bound to be others that wanna join in on the party..

A couple of the local boys had their eyes on the water and I think that after seeing the exhibition Kai was putting on the guys decided it was time.

Marcos quick to catch some waves!

Laying that rail down on a smooth arching cutback! Tuani!

Plenty of waves to share, especially when the lineup is filled with all of three people. Haha

Just down the beach a bit we had some surf lessons going on with Lexi and Kierra, the girls were looking like naturals out there.

Yeeeew!! Yeah chicas way to go! The future shredders putting in the work.

Alright everybody thank you for coming by and scoping out the report today, let's see what Brian has in store for tomorrow. Check out the parting shot though, there was some water drops on the lens but it kinda looks like speed blur, which would be accurate to Kai's surfing.