Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, December 04, 2021

It's the weekend and another day in paradise down here in Nica! We had some fun waves down at Panga this morning come check it out!

The wind has been howling and we don't have much swell in the water but when that is the case there are always surfable waves here at Panga.

There were maybe 10 people out in the lineup when I was down there so plenty of waves for everyone.

Our very own Marcos out there getting some wave time in during lunch break.

With a longboard you can catch just about anything too!

Pow! Smack the lip and toss those buckets of water out the back.

Nothing quite like running into Momma's arms, here was a precious scene on the beach today.

With a light lineup there were a few waves that just went through the lineup unridden too

Still nice and green everywhere but as we are entering the dry season it will soon be shades of brown everywhere as the flora starts to die away before the rainy season starts again and brings a fresh green to everything.

Marcos with the wave of the session, this thing just stood up out of nowhere and morphed into an awesome wave. Thanks for coming by and checking us out today! We'll be back with some more tomorrow so make sure to tune in and check us out. Peace