Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hola amigos. We just have a swell from the real south giving some waves to us. The wind keep a little strong. The new swell need to appear in the next tide, but already there is a little more energy compared with yesterday. Check the line up. My friend oliver Solis, some visitors and two grom were in the water.

Oliver just come back from surf in Europe. He have the four place in a surf contest in Norway. Here is him in his first day surfing again in Nicaragua. welcome bro!!!!!.

We want to give a shootout to our favorite Gators fan- Louie Preysz! How about that game and Bryan's cup??? #sorry #visitusagain

We not have waves just for professional surfers. The conditions change and some times the waves friendly for all kind of surfer. Here is one of our grown learning to made cuts. He is so close right now to find the way to finish his step up.

This wave have a wall up. Looks like go to closing up, but was holding the line perfect for al the way to the beach.

When this surfer figure out this, he try to have a tube, but with this wind and this size of the wave it's to hard. But he enjoy the ride.

Oliver was eating so much in Europe, so he is using a thick surfboard. This is why his favorite trick is the floater.

What!!!!????. This kid just have two month surfing and he is already trying made cuts in both ways. He almost got it. We need to polish this rough stone.

There are some waves with really good line. I get one wave like this one and I feel I ride for ever. Was a fun session even in a small day.

This peak was breaking close to the beach. We can be stand up in the break and just jumping and grab the wave.

Ok. Amigos. The people who not woke up early is waiting with hungry the next tide with big expectation of the swell pick up a little bit. Probably tomorrow the size of the waves will be different. So see you tomorrow in another week of surf report. Armando Lopez is out.