Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hello everybody. When we have small waves we always have a spot working good in comparison with others places. Check the nice wind and the peak with the high tide.

This wave is small, but have enough energy for pushing you and give to you nice speed. The right is long and the left is short but playfully too.

Thomas Tsunami was in his panga riding a bunch of waves until the beach. The sets were coming every ten minutes in group of three waves. All the crowd was ready for taking one of this little wave.

If this guys can make airs is because they get enough speed for go up. Here is Lester in his causal move.

There are intermidian waves between sets. The surfers were making some cuts in this waves.

The wind was strong a kilometer out, but in the inside was nice. Here is one of the ripper in the line up.

It is a group of young guys here making some good tricks. This is the last day of small waves supposedly and we can say we have even today pretty waves.

I think not to many place in all the Pacific coast have waves. We are fortunate to have this point break.

Definitely this right was the call today. Some meters long with a wall of two feet high are fun.

The round house was one of the best way to ride this wave. The sets were coming more constantly in the morning but not with good shape. The afternoon made better lines because have more water.

We have a mix of longboard and shortboard riders in the water today. Both were getting fun. This three fins out can tell you how this surfers were killing this tiny waves.

The young surfers were having the best wave, they were paddling so fast and stand up early. Here is one of the visitors splashing water in one wave of the set.

Esteban ( El Putito ) was in his longboard having fun with style and grace. Dele pues Rejodido!!!!!.

Ok. Amigos. Today we pass a fun surf session in this spot. Hopefully the swell come tomorrow. Armando Lopez is out.