Nicaragua Surf Report for Thursday, November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving day and are all stuffed full or soon to be stuffed like the turkey. We had our Annual Chompipe surf contest today and it was a great success! Come check it out

There was every category you could think of; shortboard, longboard, longboard expression, groms, seniors, legends, men and women, body, boogey, and SUP which is where you'll find Alberto doing his thing.

Backside too! Yeah buddy, staying extra stoked!

Here are some shots from the grom portion and Carlito shredding some waves like the extreme dudey he is!

Ruby up and shredding while everybody looks and cheers!

I don't remember if this is Kiara or Lexi but both of them were out there putting on a show for the people with their awesome surf skills.

Confident she's got the score to win the heat she leads dad to the beach.

Kiara and Lexi were both absolutely shredding out there! Yeeeeeew

Gonna be getting barreled over at Colorado in no time!

Some of the kids didn't have a board but that didn't stop them from getting out into the waves.

The wave of the Grom heat! Jett went all the way outside to the big set waves and with a little push got into this gem and tucked in for some cover too yeah dude!

Jett dude you are absolutely shredding out there buddy! Keep it up!

Dario coming in from his Boogey heat, this guy is the Iron Man of the Chompipe as he always enters all categories and performs well in all of them.

Tony going for a SUP battle between Alberto, Dario and himself.

Proving himself on every board sport the Iron Man Dario with a sick wave during the SUP battle, yet it was not enough to overtake Tony Z who went on to take the glory of winning and rip away the opportunity to shine from Alberto and Dario.

Big Shoutout to the Judges today as they were putting up with the heat of the day and still having fun.

Huge shoutout to this awesome dude, Dan putting together the event and bringing everybody together for such a fun annual event. Somebody get this guy a beer huh

Stretching out before physical activities is always recommended.

As well as taking a dip in the pool for an after activity cool down.

Big shoutout to the Beach Patrol and Nica Heartbeat for organizing volunteer lifeguards on the beach here and today for having Dr. Yossia out at the event taking free blood pressure screenings to anyone that would like one and bringing her positive energy to the beach.

Everybody chilling out and finding some shade to enjoy the festivities.

Chris waving to the fans as he enters the water for his heat.

Ryan ready for the Longboard heat and getting super psyched!

Tony Z putting that 9' on rail

Ryan extra steezy with the style out there reppin' for Summer Sessions

Sara and Istiana were battling it out during the Girl's heat.

The shortboard heats were on and it was time for some action.

Hayden was in action for the most of the day and he was surfing very well.

Alvaro getting some rehydration after his heat.

Maycol with a big cutback.

Everybody stoked for another amazing Chompipe event.

The waves weren't large today but the best surfer of the day did well when the waves were okay and also kept performing when the waves got bad.

The scores were in and the tally job was happening. Thank you Gabby for your tabulations.

Men's shortboard final went to Hayden in a contested heat. Way to go my dude good surfing today! Thank you to everyone who participated and came and enjoyed. Looking forward to another one next year. Cheers!