Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, November 25, 2016

Hello everybody and welcome to the NSR surf report! This is Parker logging in to show you a few morning shots. Check them out!!

Yes, we survived hurricane Otto! Contrary to forecasts and local predictions, it was very minor and brief. We received about a foot of rain from 10pm to 4am so the roads were flooded and muddy. Thankfully, we did not have any of the predicted strong wind. Needless to say, we were happy with how everything panned out!

We needed that rain so we can deal with a couple rainy broken rivers! That was a Thanksgiving to remember: a 7.0 earthquake outside of El Salvador, a tsunami warning, and a hurricane. Thankfully everything was very minor, everybody was prepared, and your beachfront property is still there waiting for you!!

In the morning, the tide was low and there were not many waves (and even less surfers). Ryan Zavala grabbed a fishing pole to see if there were any hungry fish.

A local guy grabbed a handline to see if he could catch a late Thanksgiving meal. With those onshores and clear blue water, there might be a biting fish out there!

Because everybody was sleeping and the surf was not good, let's change gears and check in at our shop. Yes, today is Black Friday but our Black Friday sale will be on Monday. Remember, we are open 9am to 5pm!

We have a new shipment of Vissla shorts to check out. While you're at it, pick up a Vissla wetsuit top because the mornings can be chilly (for our standards). Remember, all merchandise is 25% off so snag a high quality brand for a bargain!

Because Michelle's D'Koko products have flown off the shelves, we restocked out women's bikinis. She makes her products in country so support your local surf shop and local brands!!

Last but not least, we are getting some new L2 gear very soon! L2 has created a highly sought after brand for all the locals in Limon 2. I bet it's impossible to drive through that town without seeing a shirt, hat, or sticker. Come by Monday so we can send you home with hot local gear!

And there will be plenty of discounted NSR swag. Replace that old shirt with our new designs or scoop something up for your kids as a "daddy is back home" gift!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we can start thinking about Christmas. If you have problems stuffing those stockings, we have you covered! We hope to see you guys Monday to cash in on the deep discounts!!

In the meantime, the tide has filled in and the swell is fun. Enjoy some peaky waves on the inside and have a good rest of your Thanksgiving weekend! Thank you guys for checking out the report and hasta pronto!!