Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 25, 2017

Hey guys!  Kevin here with Saturday's report!  Conditions are looking really nice this morning, tide is dropping.  Stilll some swell left over, there's definitely some potential out there I'd say!


Btw, if you guys see any photos that you like, and want to see if we have any more of you, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected]

As you can see the tide is a little fat but there are definitely some lines coming in

No barrels but some nice clean runners

The sun was out and shining today, aside from surfing, conditions were perfect for a little yoga on the beach

This girl caught a nice little left.  She rode it pretty far and it was awesome to see how super stoked she was!

There were some beautiful lines coming in. A couple of the sets held over from yesterday too

Heres a really nice set. As you can see, the left was holding up pretty nicely

To the beach!

As the sets came in, things started to heat up on the yoga front as well...

Here's a nice right hand set wave

This is a cool shot. Two guys were both in really nice spots for this set wave. Wonder who's gonna go?

Trick question. Split the peak!

This guy got excited after that last one and decided to call buddy to come split a peak with him

Phew! Things are starting to get downright strenuous out here!

Nice hack!

Put some energy into that one!

In case you guys were wondering, this guy won the bodysurfing competition out at Pangas on Thursday. He surfs too!

Demonstrating here that his skills go beyond just bodysurfing!

Nice takeoff...

Yeewww this set wave caught everyone off guard! Is anyone gonna make it?!

Women and children first!!!!

This guy is a surf guide over at Giant's Foot in Gigante. Sometimes they take the boat over here to score a couple of waves at Colorados

PHEW!  I'm getting tired just looking at all of this action out here!

Mindsurfing this one


BAM! Nice one!

That's all folks! Take your cue from this guy and go grab your board and get out there!