Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hola amigos, este es Lucha Libre Garcia con su reporte de surf en Español.  Jajajajajaja, solo bromeaba amigos.  Hi folks, this is Lucha Libre Garcia with your surf report in Spanish.  Ha,hahahahaha, I was just kidding folks.  The waves were a little smaller today, the winds were quite a bit strong offshore and the water a little chilly.  Check it out!!!

Countdown to Christmas is on! We would like to ask your help in making this Christmas a super special one of one the community in Rivas. For the last 3 years, NSR has helped raise enough money to provide Christmas gifts and meals to over 400 people in 3 different communities in the southern region of Nicaragua. If you would like help us bring Christmas, please email: [email protected] (we are asking that donations be sent via PayPal to [email protected] ). If you are coming down, we are happy to collect any kind of toys at our shop in Hacienda Iguana. Thanks so much for your support!

Since the waves were small, it was a sweet day to take the big boards out.  Check out this guy walking straight up to the nose on his backside.

A few guys took their shortboards out and they were able to get some.  A little fast, but still looking fun on sets.

The ladies loved the lineup this morning, it doesn't get any better, right India?  Going big with a cool off the top.

It was a wonderful day to spend it on the beach, and even better by the pool at the NSR Beach House.  The last reading in town?  We hope you can make it back down next year chica!

How not to enjoy this beautiful day?  Horseback riding anyone?  The boys and the kids loved it.  Hagan Queso, I mean say cheeseeeeee!!!

This set came in out of nowhere but nobody was in the right spot to catch it.  As always the best wave with no takers!

Alright folks, this was Lucha and I am out.  Peace!