Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The day start good, for two hours the waves was peaky. We arrived in the perfect time and we have fun for awhile. Nice offshore wind and clear water. Check it out.

A lot of barrel. Check this one.

Wow, Some good little swell is throwing this type of wave.

Today we surf two spot. check the biggest sets in our spot.

Look the difference of both spot in the same day. Jeff take out the S.U.P. and check this sick bottom turn.

Danny boy is a good fisherman and is catching good Spanish Mackerel. Look his waves.

"La Carola" have a nice little pipe. This is for his friends who say he never get one.

Melky get one too. The last time I saw him taken a wave was two years ago.

Good right and left. We don't need to wait a lot for some good waves come.

Greg in another good wave. We have two surf session per day and good waves all the time.

I using a twin fins 5'5" and get a barrel but Tony don't have, but he get this cut.

This is for my friend Allan Carcamo. He know why.

I throw like Ten gallons of water in the air.

Mitch (Mr. Iron man). Is paddling so fast getting every wave he want.

And Jeff. Jeff is doing good. He is looking for barrels.

Danny is a good chef too. He made a amazing sushi and delicious lobster for dinner.

Our thanks to tony Z for show some of the Nicalife. This is the Landcruiser. 1920 full extra.

Ok. Tomorrow will be the smaller day according with the surf report. So we will checking who the waves will working. Be tuned. Armando Lopez is out.