Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We thought today will be flat and calm day to relax and have a great massage in the afternoon. We had a massage and relaxing day but with good waves. Check it out.

Mr. Mitch always opens the score. One of the first one in the water, one of the last one to come out the sea.

Danny boy my friend, good fisherman like me, have a great morning riding waves and fishing in afternoon, in Brody boat and catch another spanish mackerel of nine pound again.

Colin is going too extreme, he was surfing three feet of waves and now is dropping overhead waves. Check this little bomb.

Without escape. Need get out the explosion.

We have a sunny morning and rain in the afternoon, with double rainbow. Me and Danny Boy have good waves in the noon. Check it out.

I have two little tube. In a longboard. # 1.

# 2. This one was better. Ready for lunch.

Mitch no was thinking in the explosion, He just want to see the barrel. After he figure out what to do.

Gregorio is here with his best friends and brother having a good time. Every day woke up early and finish the day with a nice sunset. The ocean giving to him a good sunset surf. Here is one of the so many good waves he have during this week. Thanks for be with us friends.

The sunset with rain. So many beautiful colors. Here is Greg in one of the best waves in the day.

Ok. Our day to surf over. Tomorrow we expect a bit more swell. Stay tuned. Armando Lopez is out.