Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hey everyone, Brian here with your Sunday surf report. Fun sized surf this morning in the chest to head high range and steady offshore winds. In between the walled up sets there were some fun corners to be had and only a handful of surfers out. Steffi, was hanging out with us today and helped pick today's shots. Check it out!

The tide was super low again when we got down to the beach making for some interesting conditions. Pull in and hope for the best.

The waves were sucking up super fast and dredging along the sandbar.  Unknown surfer here on a nice right, making the most of the conditions.

Perfect family day for the beach. Sun, surf, and relaxation.

A few extra people out in the lineup soaking up the water as well today.

12 o'clock freight train. Yew!

Some nice looking waves were breaking down the beach as well. Tough to be in paradise.

Perfection....Well, that's it for today people, hope you had your fill of waves today. Looks like fun surf for the rest of the week, so get ready! Hasta manana amigos!