Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Hey all welcome back for the daily surf report from Nicaragua, we had a couple days of beautiful sunshine but unfortunately the rain is back today. :/ I read something today that said this year has been the most active year for Hurricanes and Tropical storms from the Atlantic which makes sense the way 2020 has been going thus far lol

The bright side of the rainy weather is the beautiful lush green everywhere. I know dry season is coming soon and it will be dusty and arid so it is kinda nice to have the last of the tropical rains.

Kinda chocolate milk water out there, yesterday had some size and looked like maybe today would be better but that didn't come to fruition.

Still looking at the weekend for some good conditions, Friday and Saturday may see some offshore winds and 4-5 ft waves.

Beautiful blooming flowers and all the nature and wildlife is such an enjoyable part of living here in Nicaragua. I hope we get some sweet waves this weekend that we can report on, until then I'll be staking out the monkey hangouts and trying to catch a sloth sighting for you all. Have a great day! Peace