Nicaragua Surf Report for Sunday, November 03, 2013

Hello friends, another day with onshore wind but good waves. Had waves of 4 feet and some tubes. This is low tide, with the first sandbar working.

The best wave of the morning with a decent size and onshore wind.

The previous wave was taken by Matthew, is it luck or experience what do you think?

A bit of  a late drop, but well executed.

The waves are strong, you can see the thickness of the lip of the wave.

Good brakes Toyota. That made ​​the difference.

I think it's luck.

Not. Matthew has experience  getting out of good tubes.

If you can see the color of his shorts. was a little deeper. Good for you Broth.

This was just one more tube to Matthew.

There was consistency in various part of the beach, the few who were in the water were able to get some action.

This was a well executed tricks of the day.

This is a floater, Our friend is from Florida and for sure he knows how to  surf onshore wind.

This is the best part where you can lose control.

It was good landing, every time I go surfing to perform a trick with good execution and the day is done.

I  know friend, It's hard to believe, but you did it.

This trick is called : A reclining in the air.

Ok. friends, the waves are always fun. It is always better a bad day of surfing than one day at work. Armando Lopez is out.