Nicaragua Surf Report for Friday, October 30, 2015

Hello everybody. We hit early a beach in the north. We looking for a wild zone. After fight with the mud and cross some cows in the traffic rush hour we were there. Check it out.

The offshore wind was soft and the water brown, because the river is open. The peak have some waves shoulder high.

My crew were comformate for Parker, Josh and Elvin. We see this peak with glass( Dark ) water and the boys were running for have some of this fun waves.

Was the first time for my buddy Parker to surf in this beach and he was so stoked for found this conditions after the long trip. Here is ready for a barrel.

The waves were coming every twenty minutes, so there are a lot of time to talk and rest and keep waiting. But when the waves come were goooooodddd!!!!!.

Here is Elvin ( El Chocoyo Pelon ) going left. The right were the best, but this left have fire.

He made the button turn inside the wave and here is when he is already getting a shack. Josh is enjoying to watching this barrel.

I have a lot of shots of Elving been disappear in this wave. I know the shape of this wave is good so I know Elvin keep over there.

All the way that wave have a nice shape. Check the power of the foam and the trace of the explosion.

Elvin is already more than ten meters in this cave and he don't want to come out. Every day we paddle out for get one good wave and this is the best wave of the trip.

After a while he came out and for sure he celebrate the wave. This wave was make able and easy to catch, but in the moment when the peak touch the water is when the wave become rude.

This is how is the life in some rural places in Nicaragua. I want to show how is when it fails out of butane gas here. This man got up early to find the best wood and start cooking. It is one of the hardest way to get gas.

This man probably woke up earlier, but had to go find the buells in the field, so he is going later. But he will easily bring more wood.

Taaaaa taaa taaa taaa nnnnnn!!!!!!!. This is the fancy way to pick up wood. No rush. Three young kids with a lot of energy and they was the last one to go and the first one to come back. The river through a thousand of wood to the beach so is easy to pick up and natural.

The tide was low and the waves were barreling. Here is the right for another angle.

And another one!!!!!. With just three people in the water we can say we did a good choice today.

Wow. My team was out position and this set surprise them.

Wait!!!!,.... Josh found a good left and he get a tube. Even the roof of the house here looks like a tube.

We were super fun!!!!!. But we have hungry, so we come back home, but we were smile for our morning session. Here we have so many different waves and every spot work with different tide and have so many shapes. We can surf all day if we bring food ,but we forget.

Ok. Amigos. We spend all our energy surfing, but check it out tomorrow report and see how is the ocean. Armando Lopez is out.