Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hi and welcome to your Wednesday surf report.  We've got Lucha Libre here with a quick update, straight to your computers from Nicaragua.  The waves were super fun, running about chest to head high on sets every now and then, winds were sweet offshore and the water was amazing.  Check out the lineup!

Simon De La Yuca Panda en Salsa was the man of the day.  He got some of the better waves that came in.

The lineup was not busy at all, so there were lots of nice ones rolling in with no takers.  Check out this peeler with nobody on it!

Mateito was also pulling into some sick jewels.  Yewwwww, getting barreled late in October!

To get shacked at this spot, all you need to do its to be in the right place.  You gotta be deeper Simoncito!

What a great day we had today.  For sure, the place you wanna be.  Check out the scene!

The waves were super fun down the beach, as well.  Horse shoes super fun and nobody out!

We have a few nice guys staying at the Rio Casita, and they are taking advantage of the short walk.  British buddy stylin' off on his backside.

Eneko took his sponge out and he was having a blast.  Sick reverse!

El Codo Lopez is on vacation, and obviously there is not a better way to spend it than being in the water.  Pig doggin' a nice one!

The rights were dominating the lineup, as you can see.  Goofy and regular footers were having a great time out there.

El Rey de La Salsa, getting some juice off this one.  He definitely has improved his tube ride skills down here.  Buena Bato!

That's all for today folks, please check back tomorrow.  The waves should be fun as well!