Nicaragua Surf Report for Saturday, October 30, 2010

Today was one of the cleanest day so far this October but the waves were small.  It was running about knee to waist high on sets with nice offshore winds.  Check out the lineup!!!

The lineup was not busy at all this morning, threre were only 6 guys out having fun on the small waves.  This is Dave about to get his mind drained.  Sweet style buddy!

The waves were small but super clean.  You could easily ride 250 meters down the beach.  This is Felipe "El Pipe" Chompipe with a cool little spray.

A few beginners made it out to learn on their own.  Here is caught this lady riding a nice one.  If you want to get a surf lesson, remember that we have the best surf school in town.

The waves were perfect for big pangas and Corage was out there taking advantage on the better ones.  Here he is fiding himself a nice peak in front of the rocks at Machete Pt.

The last action shot of the day goes to El Tinquito picking up one of the longer lefts of the day.  Waves should be small and fun tomorrow as well so we might take the big boards out.

The kids in town were already celebrating Dia de las Brujas today.  Here is "The Cowboy" being the Reef and his lovely daugther beind a marmaid.  That's a good daddy!

A beautiful butterfly and a lovely witch.  They look so beautiful, don't they?

The last shot of the day go to Danna and Dagne, they do not even have to be dressed to look like real princess.  We out!!!