Nicaragua Surf Report for Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hello and welcome to your *Tuesday morning report brought to you by this guy-Theo. It has a little bit of a side-shore funk to it again today, but the sun is out and the water is looking extra nice. It's a good day to be in the water.

A frothy tube ride is still a tube ride. Even with the side shore wind on it, the rights were opening up.

This is what I mean by the water looking extra nice. Time to get wet!

Overhead sets are still coming through on the reg. This swell isn't gone yet.

Nice rail work here, extra points for style.

Sometimes the smaller ones will surprise you with a nice little tube. Always have to stay on your toes..

After coming around the first section, this guy found himself a nice right.

He didn't get too deep, but he's right there in the sweet spot.

He's out and scoping that next section..

Scoping for this, barrel-air combo. Niice

I just love the way the sun glistens off these rights on a nice day.

That'll do it for today folks, fun waves and smiles all around. Thanks for checking in and don't forget to follow us on instagram @nicaraguasurfreport and facebook. Theo saying adios again until tomorrow.