Nicaragua Surf Report for Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Que pasa ladies and gentlemen?! Welcome to the Humpday report provided by NSR and Parker! The waves were in the shoulder high range so it was super fun and manageable. Check out our late morning shots!

Todd from Tola ventured out to our beach today. Let's see if he got what he was looking for...

He's a frequent surfer here so he knows how to get it done!! Here's the proof.

Yeww!! Yeah Todd! Nice exit.

Dave made the solo strike mission down here to time the waves. Why can't you come too?! Send that quick text to your group message of surfing buddies.

This morning was partially cloudy. However, Lesther was still shining!

His brother, Oscar, made it back to Nicaragua a couple days ago. Oscar Espinoza and Jackson Obando are two local rippers who competed (very well) in the Junior ISA tournament in Oceanside, California. Thank you Mateo for taking the two and Mike Doan for hosting the team!!

As some are returning, others are leaving. We want to wish Darla's crew from Marisombra a safe trip home! And hopefully a snowy winter in their mountains!

The winds have been mixed all month. Usually, it is calm or offshore in the morning. As the day progresses, the breezes come from the south or turn onshore. Regardless, there are fun empty peaks!

Or, be like Todd. Live in a place where the winds don't affect you.

Lesther told me that he is trying to push himself for bigger, better, higher, and harder this month. He's so close to nailing this air!!

But he's already perfect at some things...

Meet two of my favorite NSR ladies. Adela (left) is an AMAZING cook so schedule her for your meal plan. Ana (right) is the backbone of our property management division. With those two working on your vacation, you can relax and enjoy the experience!

Ok, what more do I need to say?! Log off and go get out there!! Thank you all for checking out our report. If you need me, you know where to find me. Adios amigos!!